Unlock Up to $10,000 in Additional Credits at Avenir Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Unlock Up to $10,000 in Additional Credits at Avenir Palm Beach Gardens, FL

When it comes to investing in a new construction home, Avenir in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, stands out as a prime choice. Not only can you avail yourself of developer incentives that sweeten the deal, but you can also claim up to a remarkable $10,000 in additional credits. What’s more, when you engage the services of a seasoned real estate professional such as Jean Taveras P.A. with Compass, you’re not only gaining expert guidance – you’re maximizing your benefits.

The Value of a Realtor in New Construction

It’s a common misconception that involving a real estate agent is unnecessary when buying new construction. After all, you’re dealing directly with the developer, right? While you can navigate the process independently, partnering with an agent can offer significant advantages.

1. Expertise in Avenir: Jean Taveras P.A. possesses an intimate knowledge of the Avenir community. From lot locations and builder reputations to neighborhood amenities and future developments, Jean brings invaluable insights that help you make well-informed decisions.

2. Negotiating Power: Developers typically have their own sales representatives. Having Jean Taveras as your advocate during negotiations ensures you have someone looking out for your best interests. This can lead to better pricing and incentives, potentially saving you substantial sums.

Avenir incentive up to 10k- only with jean taveras realtor in palm beach gardens

3. Guiding You Through Complexity: Navigating new construction contracts and processes can be complex. Jean Taveras will be your trusted guide throughout, ensuring you understand every aspect and safeguarding your interests.

4. Personalized Service: Jean Taveras P.A. offers a level of service that is tailored to your needs. Your preferences and vision are of paramount importance, and Jean is committed to helping you find the perfect home that aligns with your lifestyle.

Claim Up to $10,000 in Additional Credits

Now, let’s discuss the additional credits – a serious advantage. At Avenir Palm Beach Gardens, you can access up to $10,000 in extra credits. These credits can be directed towards personalizing your new home, enhancing your living space, or even offsetting closing costs.

Consider the opportunity to invest an extra $10,000 into your dream home – it’s the chance to elevate your new construction property to the next level.

Contact Jean Taveras P.A. with Compass

This remarkable opportunity awaits at Avenir Palm Beach Gardens. To claim your up to $10,000 in additional credits and unlock the full potential of your new home purchase, contact Jean Taveras P.A. with Compass today. Reach out to Jean at 561.401.0887 or via email at Jean@touravenir.com.

Your dream home is within reach in the vibrant Avenir community. With Jean Taveras P.A. by your side, you can make that dream a reality while enjoying all the advantages that come from working with a seasoned realtor. Embark on your journey to exceptional living – reach out to Jean Taveras P.A. today!

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