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Come to Work, Play, or Extend Your Stay

Central to Avenir’s appeal is the upcoming Town Center, envisioned as the bustling core of the community. Approved for an expansive 400,000 SF of retail and a whopping 1.8 million SF of office spaces, it’s destined to be a magnet for both residents and professionals. Whether one resides in Avenir, works in its state-of-the-art offices, or drops by for leisure, the Town Center promises a lively mix of retail, dining, and entertainment avenues. Expect a mix of popular boutiques, cozy coffee stops, and unique outlets, all nestled in a luxe outdoor setting primed for real estate attraction.


A Landmark in the Making

Avenir has the green light for an impressive 400,000 SF of retail and commercial real estate. The vision driving this development is to provide a meticulously handpicked array of distinctive, exhilarating, and meaningful shopping experiences. The blueprint aims to assemble a roster of establishments that will resonate with both residents and visitors, blending tried-and-true favorites with avant-garde brands poised to become the talk of the town.


Expand Your Professional Possibilities

As the dynamics of workplaces globally shift, Avenir is greenlit to construct a vast 1.8 million SF of premium Class A office spaces tailored for professionals seeking a collaborative and innovative environment. For local residents, having an office just a short walk away epitomizes convenience and luxury. For enterprises elsewhere, relocating to a rising hub like Avenir promises to invigorate and inspire teams in unparalleled ways.



Complete Health & Wellness Services

A dedicated 15-acre plot within Avenir is reserved for essential services like police, fire, and city facilities, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. Furthermore, the development includes a vast 200,000 SF of top-tier medical facilities, guaranteeing both residents and visitors have swift access to vital healthcare and emergency medical services. All these steps underscore Avenir’s unwavering commitment to crafting the pinnacle of sustainable communities.


A Place to Live & A Place to Learn

Living in Avenir grants families prime access to a spectrum of educational opportunities, spanning from pre-school to higher education. A specially earmarked zone within the community is designated for Avenir’s exclusive charter school, ensuring residents benefit from top-tier education just minutes from their homes. Additionally, Palm Beach County, along with neighboring areas, boasts a diverse range of commendable public educational institutions, from primary levels to universities, catering to both traditional and adult learners.

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