Coral Isles by Kenco Communities: Luxury in Avenir Palm Beach Gardens


High End Estates by a Reputable Builder

Coral Isles by Kenco Communities in Avenir Palm Beach Gardens stands as an epitome of Avenir. A paradigm of modern architecture and world-class amenities, Coral Isles is an enclave where opulence and sophistication harmonize to provide an unparalleled lifestyle experience.

Palm Beach Gardens, often recognized for its exquisite shopping destinations, fine dining, and cultural attractions, now hosts this extraordinary community within its suburban boundaries. Avenir Palm Beach Gardens, where Coral Isles is located, is not just another residential area; it is a meticulously planned community that promises sustainability, modernity, and above all, luxury.

The Coral Isles community offers a selection of lavish homes designed to cater to the highest standards of living. From state-of-the-art home designs to amenities that echo the extravagance of a five-star resort, every element has been crafted with painstaking detail. This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the various models that prospective homeowners can consider, all while appreciating the majestic grandeur that Coral Isles has to offer.

Exquisite Model Homes

Cozumel Grande

Priced at $2,129,900, the Cozumel Grande model is an awe-inspiring two-story construction. The house comprises 5 bedrooms and 5.5 baths, coupled with an additional loft, den, and club room. A capacious 3-car garage accommodates your automotive luxuries. With 5,815 A/C sq. ft and a total square footage of 7,094, the Cozumel Grande truly stands as a grand testament to modern living.


Similarly priced at $2,129,900, the Dominica model offers a different yet equally luxurious lifestyle. Also, a two-story construction, the home features 5 bedrooms and 6.5 baths. In addition, it provides a loft and a club room designed to heighten your living experience. A 3-car garage is standard, and the air-conditioned living space spans 5,322 sq. ft., with a total square footage of 6,774.


For those looking for a one-story dwelling without compromising on opulence, the Cozumel, priced at $1,819,900, is an ideal choice. It consists of 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, along with a den and a club room. A 3-car garage serves as the finishing touch for this exquisite model. The home spans 3,920 A/C sq. ft., with a total square footage of 5,152.

Barbados V

Another stunning one-story option is the Barbados V, priced at $1,749,900. This model comes with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, along with a spacious 3-car garage. The air-conditioned living area measures 3,786 sq. ft., while the total square footage stands at 4,999.


Priced at $1,704,900, the Barbados Modern model is a sleek, one-story construction offering 4 bedrooms, an office space, and 4 baths. A 3-car garage is also part of the package. The air-conditioned area amounts to 3,585 sq. ft., with the total square footage reaching 4,809.


The most affordable of these luxurious options is the Antigua Modern, priced at $1,664,900. This one-story construction includes 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, alongside a 3-car garage. With 3,247 A/C sq. ft. and a total square footage of 4,354, the Antigua Modern still provides plenty of space to live your dream life.

Unmatched Amenities

Beyond the opulent dwellings, Coral Isles promises an unparalleled living experience through its multitude of amenities. From manicured gardens and walking trails to community centers and state-of-the-art fitness facilities, each amenity is an embodiment of luxury and comfort.

Your Destination

Coral Isles by Kenco Communities in Avenir Palm Beach Gardens is not just a residential community; it is a lifestyle. The various model homes provide prospective buyers a myriad of choices to fit their luxury living criteria. With top-notch amenities and a superb location in the vibrant Palm Beach Gardens, Coral Isles stands as a beacon of modern, high-end living. The design ingenuity, architectural excellence, and premium location make Coral Isles a sanctuary for those who wish to experience a life of unmatched luxury.

Should you be in the market for luxury homes that offer both sophistication and comfort, Coral Isles presents itself as an obvious choice. The community combines architectural brilliance with an abundance of amenities, setting the standard for luxurious living in Palm Beach Gardens. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when meticulous planning meets exceptional execution. With a plethora of options to choose from, Coral Isles provides the flexibility and exclusivity that discerning homeowners seek, all while setting a new standard in luxury living.

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